MS-147BT protable outdoor bluetooth wireless trolley speaker – 3511

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  • Features:
    Model: MS-147BT
    2. Name: Bluetooth Speaker
    3. Material: ABS material
    4. Easy to carry,Support bluetooth wireless play function
    5. Easy to operate. Support USB/AUX/TF/FM/Bluetooth
    6. High quality, good frequency response. Low power consumption.
    7. Support the phone, computer,smart phones, bluetooth mobile phone, wireless bluetooth stereo transmission music
    8. TF Card loss less audio decode (TF card is not included)
    9. AUX Audio input
    10. Colorful LED light
  • Specification:
    Color: Black
    2. Bluetooth Version: V2.1
    3. Output Power: 8w
    4. Operation Range: 10m
    5. Frequency: 2.402 GHz – 2.480 GHz.
    6. Operating distance: 10 meters
    7. Frequency: 80 ~ 18 khz.
    8.Speaker: full-range speakers.
    9. Music play time:2~3 hours
    10. Standby time: 1000h
    11. Built-in rechargeable battery: 600 ma lithium battery
    12. Size:26x13x10cm
  • Operation:
    Open the key “ON”, the machine will start and the colour LED indicator light flashes.
    The mode: Radio model – Bluetooth mode – Bluetooth be off – Radio model
    Radio model:
    At first, please start the speaker, press the MODE button to switch to Radio model, you will hear “creak” noise, this time into the radio mode, then press SCAN button, it will search the channel auto matically. After completion of the automatic station search, you can press V- or V + button to select the radio channel.
  • Bluetooth mode:
    Second times press the MODE button, it will switch to the Bluetooth mode, you will hear a tone “ding-dong” indicating that you can enter the mobile phone Bluetooth to connect it. Turn on the Bluetooth device of your phone and search the bluetooth divcie, you will find a “BT-SPEAKER” equipment, connect it
    Bluetooth be off.
  • Third times press the MODE button, the bluetooth will be off.
    Fourth times press the MODE button, the divice will be back to the Radio model.
    Press the V- or V+ button for switching songs, long press for turning the volume down/up.


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